AI Training Data Services

Our AI Data Services provide high quality labeling and collection services for your AI training data. Access our Global Crowd of Resources to scale your machine learning models. Share your AI with the world.

Our Services

Let our Global Crowd support your machine learning learning projects. From text annotation to translation and more, we’re here to help you.

Data Labeling

Have you ever made the wrong prediction because of a human-generated error? Don’t worry, our Crowd can fix it. An accurate, labeled dataset for your machine learning model is key to its successful training.

Data Collection

High quality datasets make all the difference.Bring diversity to your datasets. Our global Crowd ensures representation across languages and locations and tailored to your data requirements.


Language isn’t a barrier for us, either. We have support for 120+ languages and dialects, with the ability to achieve 95% accuracy in any language. We can even translate in Eskimo.Expand your global reach.

How we can provide you accurate human-labeled data

Global Crowd of Resources

Bias is the number one issue holding back machine learning models. Our resources are spread out all over the world, ensuring that your data is diverse and accurately labeled.

In-House Annotation Platform

Your data is secure on our platform. Get completely unique datasets with high accuracy. Our tools can be customized to your project.

Quality Assurance

QA calibrated to your accuracy requirements. A team of experts screen every piece of data to ensure accuracy. Be confident your model’s errors have been minimized.


Our goal is to help our clients to achieve cost- efficiency and premium quality at the same time.

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