Unleash the Power
of Conversation

We believe in the power of conversation. Our Data Services for Natural Language Processing (NLP) will give your applications the ability to quickly and accurately analyze any text data.

We provide you with custom-labeled datasets. Not just labeled data, but quality labeled data. 

Text Annotation Services for AI

Who are we?

We are a data labeling and collection service provider partnering with a LSP of over 20 years of experience in the translation industry. We leverage over 15k trained language specialists in 120+ languages to meet all of your translation requirements.

Why us?

Global Crowd of Resources

Bias is the number one issue holding back machine learning models. Our resources are spread out all over the world, ensuring that your data is diverse and accurately labeled.

In-House Annotation Platform

Your data is secure on our platform. Get completely unique datasets with high accuracy. Our tools can be customized to your project.

Quality Assurance

QA calibrated to your accuracy requirements. A team of experts screen every piece of data to ensure accuracy. Be confident your model’s errors have been minimized.


Our goal is to help our clients to achieve cost- efficiency and premium quality at the same time.

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